Basic knowledge on the components of a building and their spatial layout. The main principles of structuring of the bearing structure are considered in conformity with the spatial and functional characteristics of a building and the design of the components with respect to their functions, different structures and technological execution. The individual project helps students in acquiring basic design skills in the relationship "space-material-structure" expressed through optimal composing.

The Computer systems in Civil Engineering subject /CSCE/ is aimed to educate and support students in creating an engineering approach and use of computer systems for different civil engineering solutions. Major aims of this course are acquiring of new knowledge, as well as skills for critical comparative analysis and synthesis of this knowledge by the students, e.g. regarding choice and relevant applications of appropriate computer systems. The subject provides particular knowledge relevant to various use of computer systems relevant to the structural engineers’ professional careers, e.g.: (a) engineering calculations; (b) modelling and analysis of structures; (c) project management; (d) preparing technical documentation and (e) presenting planned work and/or obtained results.